Launchpad Cleaner

Launchpad Cleaner

LaunchpadCleaner is a simple and effective tool for keeping your Mac OS X Launchpad organised.

Known Issues:

All my icons came back and I've lost my layout!

Yes, Mountain Lion and Mavericks tend to reset the Launchpad icons on reboot. It's really annoying.
Unfortunately this is done by the operating system and there is not a lot we can do about it.
Make sure you backup your layour regularly, this way you can easily restore it after a reboot.

I Get this error: "LaunchpadCleaner" can't be opened, because this is from an unidentified developer

1. click on System Preferences:

2. Select Security and Privacy:

3. click on the padlock, then select: Allow Apps downloaded from "Anywhere":

Some applications don't display the correct icon in LaunchpadCleaner

Some 3rd party apps use custom icon formats/location that Launchpadcleaner cannot read. Nothing to worry about, this doesn not affect Launchpad in any way.

I can't move icons from one page to another!

Yes, this feature is not implemented as this can be done easily in launchpad itself.
LaunchpadCleaner is designed to give you the missing features, like deleteting icons, renaming them, ...etc.

Having problems using LaunchpadCleaner?
Got a question or suggestion? - Drop me a line, I appreciate all feedback and questions! :)